Isis Mobile Wallet From AT&T, T-Mobile And Verizon Launched

Today,  AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have teamed up to announce the release of their own mobile wallet service in the United States, Isis Mobile Wallet. Beginning from today, owners of Isis compatible mobile handsets can enjoy a wallet free shopping experience in Salt Lake City and Austin.

“The launch of the Isis Mobile Wallet in Austin and Salt Lake City represents a milestone for both Isis and the mobile commerce industry,” said Ryan Hughes, chief marketing officer, Isis. “With as many as twenty Isis Ready handsets headed to market by year end, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of support for NFC and consumer choice.”

The Isis mobile wallet service from three of the biggest operators in the United States might just kill Google’s own Wallet service. Google launched its Wallet service back in late 2010 with the Nexus S. Since then, the service has failed to become mainstream mainly because of the opposition from the U.S. carriers and the lack of Google Wallet compatible handsets.

On the other handset, Isis mobile wallet service is already supported by 9 different Android handsets, with 11 additional handsets to be available by the year end.

While Google only recently added support for all credit and debit cards in Google Wallet, Isis only works with cards from American Express, Capital One or a Chase card.


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