Is iPhone’s Digg App Better Than The Website?

Wouldn’t it be nice to share and view all the top stories at one place? It will surely save time and lessen our effort. does exactly the same. Digg has been a common resting place for most of us for quite some time. Now, it’s also available on iPhones. Digg, a popular social news aggregator has released its free app for iPhone which helps you to Digg and view top stories with just a tap from your home screen. Incidentally, it’s named TapTapTap.

Using this app, you can also view popular Diggs by topic (e.g., technology, sports, business, etc.) or forthcoming articles that are about to go popular. Also, you will find buttons to like or dislike the story, a button to save the story and an option to share the link.

Digg’s latest app provides a simplified interface making browsing Diggs real easy. No extra information apart from the stories is present. Even extraneous text about Digg features is absent. It is much easier on the eyes than the site, which comes loaded with tonnes of features, colors and text.

Bookmarking is one of the prime addition to iPhone’s latest app. Now you can browse your favourite categories and bookmark them, so that you can have a look at them later on.

Inspite of its benefits over, it sure has some disadvantages. This app doesn’t allow you to post comments and it does not include the video or images section of the site.

Meanwhile be sure to keep an eye out on TapTapTap, which is expected to put some improvements in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the launch of iPhone’s Digg app, TapTapTap is giving away a ColorWare custom, very limited edition Digg iPad every day for 2 weeks!

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Arnaw Kumar

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