iPhone 4 Will Be Available At Best Buy On June 24

According to some reliable sources of Engadget, will go on sale in Best Buy stores across the nation on June 24 the official launch date of iPhone 4 in US and 4 other countries.

iPhone 4

Engadget says that Best Buy will carry around 45 iPhone 4 devices per store out of which 30 will be the 32GB version which will sell for $299, while the others would be 16GB versions which will sell for $199.

Best Buy also used to sell unlocked versions of earlier, but they stopped doing this, however, they do sell contract based iPhone’s there.

Of course other than Best Buy you will be able to purchase an iPhone at Apple Stores and AT&T outlets across the nation. In addition to that, iPhone 4 will also be available for pre-orders starting June 15th, so you can order it online too.

Would you prefer to buy an iPhone 4 by visiting a store or would you rather order it online.


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