iPhone vs Windows Phone 7 Video Comparison

Windows Phone 7 will be hitting the markets sometime in October, however, several lucky people have been able to get their hands on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Pocket Now who have an Windows Phone 7 based phone in their possession have created a video comparing the home screen between an and Windows Phone 7. WP7 has a dynamic home screen which contains tiles which update regularly, so you can access and view updates from and from your home page.

Pocket Now also compares the play controls which allow you to play audio even while you are using another program. Take a look at the video comparison between an iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

You can also view videos of comparison of browsers between Windows Phone 7,   and iPhone along with email client comparison of WP7, and iPhone below.

So what do you think? Does Windows Phone 7 look good enough to you? Or would you stick around with the or Android based phone?

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