iPhone Unlock Scams for OS 3.1.3 Baseband 05.12 and 05.11

Unlocking is one of the toughest job for any developers, and several people including the Dev-Team do it for free. However, opportunists also pounce upon the situation and start offering iPhone unlocks for a price, albeit, they do not do any work as such and use the unlock codes provided for free by the Dev-Team and other iPhone jailbreak developers.

iPhone Scams

A new blog post on the iPhone Dev-Team blog warns users of new scams, where people are conning people into believing that they can unlock iPhone OS 3.1.3 on baseband 05.12 and 05.11. However, there is little truth in this as there is no unlock available for OS 3.1.3 right now.

Don’t fall for these scam sites!  None of them have a 05.12 unlock, none have the 05.11 unlock working on 3.1.3, none have a 3.1.3 jailbreak for newer devices like the ipt3G.  They’re trying to capitalize on your upgrade mistake, and they only need a very small percentage of people to fall for them to make their money and run.

According to an earlier report only 14% of users have upgraded to the OS 3.1.3, most of those who upgraded might have thought that unlock was already available.

So do stay away from the iPhone unlock scams for OS 3.1.3, as you may end up getting conned, or paying up for something which you can already get for free. Have you as an iPhone user paid for a unlock?

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  • DP

    I have 3G accidently upgraded to 3.1.3 and using Sn0wbreeze V1.5 to jailbreak successfully, but none of ultrasn0w or blacksn0w could unlock it! I stuck with baseband 05.12 her ewith no luck browsing around !!!

  • narinder jit singh

    I updated my iphone 3g 3.1.2 with 3.1.3 Please tell what is the procedure for unlock the 3.1.3 or to downgrade the version 3.1.2

    • Harvey

      Learn to read…. the article says there is no unlock available currently

  • Sana

    Hi, I have a 3GS phone which is already unlucked but I am getting an error message when I try to sync it with Itunes. it says Itunes can not read the content of the iphone. please help let me know how to fix this issue.


  • Anthony Scott

    i totally agree with you buddy, jeah dont fall for sites like unlocktheiph or iphonedevtiv there all just scamms, hopefully soon the iphone dev team releases there unlock. im going crazy without service on my iphone lol

  • Tre

    Oh wow…it is now well into April and I have been without my Iphone over 2 months….is there no end in sight???? I've been told the next OS would be out in March and thats when an unlock would be possible. So actually I know the answer, just venting cause its been so long….

  • SBB

    Yep, they are scams, as all they do is sell software that (a) is free on the web and (b) does not work yet for 3.1.3 05.12.01. They only succeed because they have better search engine tags. How about promoting and anti-scamming site to make sure that Google et al rank it higher? I'd chip in a few bucks to help out.

  • Robert

    I'm ashamed to say that I've been conned by a company who claim too unlock any iphone including 3Gs with 3.1.3 and 05.12.01 but my phones been bricked since February the internet people who ripped off my money is iPhone Unlock Solutions. I am also a member of an unlock provider called iphone unlock UK their site claims to be able to unlock but once you go into it they can’t all they do is put a new notice up saying they had to take the software off line due to com issued its a lie its never been online and the promise to be online changes every week

    I would love to see a concise list of all these con site displayed for everybody to see Name and Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis

      I have the 3.1.3 05.12.01 and have got screwed twice trying to get it unlocked. One company I have Paypal trying to get my funds back and another company said they will refund my $$, but haven't seen it yet. I will just lay low till a real unlock solution comes out

    • dont worry i my self have been done over by this company spent hours on the phone to the bank to get the money back

  • Gino De Santis

    DO NOT TRUST THIS WEB SITE!!!!! SWREG Team, All Cell Phones Unlocked, these are all scams. I paid nearly 35.00 to have my iphone unlocked and I have been trying to contact anyone with no luck. They claim to have guarantees but these are false. All these sites have a pseudo contact us page, but after 40 emails to just about every searched iphone unlocking site I have had not ONE single reply yet. Save your money and wait until your local shops can unlock these phones.

  • Bruce

    TRUE, the people that offer these unlocks are scam and con artists. Useually if you have fallen for the same complain directly and quickly to the billing company and your credit card and tell the CC Compnay they are fraudster. Almost always you will get an instant refund!

  • Troy

    So I understand I have to wait for OS 4.0 to be released to unlock my iphone that I tried to upgrade to 3.1.3 and have been without for about 4 mos. I see now its being advertised that OS4.0 will be released on Jun 24th. So my question is on average how long after the OS4.0 is released will an unlock that will fix my locked phone with 3.1.3 be available.

  • harsenik

    iphone unlock is a SCAM waited 5 months for a refund never got my money back and now they deleted my account wo my money.

    They are the worst scammer ive ever seen

  • Joe

    I have purchased unlocking program from http://www.easy-iphone-unlocking.com. The website claims that it can unlock iPhone 3gs firmware4.0. I paid about $42 a week ago, but the program couldn’t run at all. I’ve tried to contact the customer service of the website, but they were helpless. I would like to inform other people as many as possible, so they won’t lose money for nothing.

  • Dave

    I was scammed by iphoneunlocking.org. They even sent an official-looking receipt through SWREG, links to download software, etc but nothing came but blackra1n, which did not work. No response from them. Website is a bunch of loops and dead ends. Lesson: wait until this unlocking world straightens itself out.

  • Nathan Birnley

    I got ripped of by iphoneunlocking.com. I wish I would have read this post before I made my purchase. I used my credit card and have heard people say you can get your money back. Is that possible?

    Customer support is a joke. They don’t respond to any questions.

    I’m normally pretty on top of things like this but this one slipped by me.

    Scam all the way!

  • TONY

    I’m a web developer and i also have an iphone. I did NOT purchase one of these so called unlocking programs for the following reasons.

    1. The site seems incomplete. In other words, small sites that are put up in one week. That are here today and gone tomorrow.

    2. I’m suspicious when ever a company offers a 100 % money back guarantee. This is usually a marketing technique.

    3. You can check with the Better Business Bureau but even this organization can give an A+ rating to companies that have the most horrible customer service record, such as “Best Buy”. The Better Business Bureau is a business themselves and they have designed a rating system for companies that is really about making themselves money. For example, i know a company that have had a terrible rating and the better business bureau informed them that if they step up to the next level of how many transactions or products sold this would increase their score. But they require no proof of doing more transactions. In other words, as transactions grow and complaints remain at the same level, the company score goes hire. All a company has to do is pay more to get to the next level and their score increases.

    4. can’t call and talk to someone at the company. This is a big warning sign. Especially, if all the company offers for communication is live chat.

    5. all of a sudden several of the same type of websites pop up over night.

    6 the owner of the website does not reside in America or he does not reside in America but is going through a third party in America to do business.

    8. The owner of the business merchant account is NOT in America. Stay away!!! Or you cannot find out this information!

    7. The website is private and you can’t view who owns it.

    So these are some simple suggestions that if followed will keep you from getting scammed. Also,

    Also, pray to God for discernment. And you will know what to do. God will give you to know what to do. The answer will be according to His wisdom. Many people make decisions in their life without any consideration of asking God for help. Many people feel that God is very removed from their life or just more or less not really involved. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is very involved in the lives of every person because you are his sons and daughters. He just requires humility. With out humility a person is to into themselves to hear God speak to them in their soul and heart.

    hope this helps.