iPhone Unlock Scams for OS 3.1.3 Baseband 05.12 and 05.11

Unlocking is one of the toughest job for any developers, and several people including the Dev-Team do it for free. However, opportunists also pounce upon the situation and start offering iPhone unlocks for a price, albeit, they do not do any work as such and use the unlock codes provided for free by the Dev-Team and other iPhone jailbreak developers.

iPhone Scams

A new blog post on the iPhone Dev-Team blog warns users of new scams, where people are conning people into believing that they can unlock iPhone OS 3.1.3 on baseband 05.12 and 05.11. However, there is little truth in this as there is no unlock available for OS 3.1.3 right now.

Don’t fall for these scam sites!  None of them have a 05.12 unlock, none have the 05.11 unlock working on 3.1.3, none have a 3.1.3 jailbreak for newer devices like the ipt3G.  They’re trying to capitalize on your upgrade mistake, and they only need a very small percentage of people to fall for them to make their money and run.

According to an earlier report only 14% of users have upgraded to the OS 3.1.3, most of those who upgraded might have thought that unlock was already available.

So do stay away from the iPhone unlock scams for OS 3.1.3, as you may end up getting conned, or paying up for something which you can already get for free. Have you as an iPhone user paid for a unlock?

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