iPhone OS 3.2 Coming Soon?

Even though there are news that Apple will be releasing the in near future, developers are busy updating their apps for OS 3.2.

Flickr iPhone OS 3.2 Update

A recent update to the app for iPhone shows that they have added new changes to support iPhone OS 3.2, which means that the app will definitely be a part of the , which will run on iPhone OS 3.2.

The update to the Flickr app was released on March 11th 2010. The changelog for the Flickr app says "Support for OS 3.2", which went past through the app store approval panel, who would have definitely seen the changelog before approving the app.

So are we going to see Apple releasing iPhone OS 3.2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch soon? Or will be released only after Apple starts shipping the iPad next month? Considering that there are less than 3 weeks before the iPad starts shipping, we might see a iPhone OS 3.2 update by end of this month or so.

3 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.2 Coming Soon?”

  1. We are not releasing OS 3.2 for the iPhone. It will be iPad only. The next revision of the iPhone firmware will be when we release the iPhone 4G on June 14-15. In July, we will finally release iPhone OS 4.0 with a radio app, customizable wallpaper for your homescreen and multitasking support.

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