iPhone Nano to Offer Only Cloud Based Storage via MobileMe?

Despite MWC hogging almost all the limelight this week, there’s one story which has managed to get a lot of coverage in the tech press. It’s about the smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone, which Apple intends to launch soon.

Apparently, Apple is now aiming to go after the budget smartphone market, which is currently dominated by Android. We have reported on the rumored iPhone Nano before, but today, we have some more scoop on it.

Smaller iPhone Nano

It seems like the Apple iPhone Nano which is supposed to be launched soon, will have a smaller display than the iPhone, in order to cut costs. Flash memory is one of the costliest components in the iPhone, so Apple has decided to skip it altogether in the iPhone Nano. It won’t offer any storage capacity at all, for user media files. All its content will be stored on MobileMe, a cloud storage service by Apple. Users will then be able to stream movies or music directly on their iPhone Nano from their MobileMe accounts via Wi-Fi or 3G. It might have some local storage memory, which might act as a cache, for temporary data and for installing apps.

The iPhone Nano will be very tightly integrated with MobileMe. It will feature a cloud based iOS.

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