iPhone HD Commercial Ads?

iPhone HD Commercial Ads?

HD is supposedly coming soon, no one knows when yet, but thanks to a commentator on TB, we came across a new commercial for iPhone HD, whether this is real or not we can’t say, but the advertisement is definitely eye candy.

Hit the link to watch the video after the break.

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  • BJ

    If the design of the phone it self can not be 100% ruled out, I would like to point out a couple of other give aways:

    1. The style of the gradient in the background "grey-white grey" does not rhyme with the Apple style.

    2. The styling of the word "iPhone HD" are set in grey, I do not think I have seen that before… Is it not always in black?

    3. "The most social iPhone yet." I think the letters are spaced badly. Look at the way the T and h overlaps.

    Apple is all about perfection, but I do not get the right vibes here. I also think Apple is all about clear messages, and I feel that the composition is a little messy with all the spinning phones… It is a great wish list, but too many brands are packed in here

    • Matt

      This is very artificial. Also, I'm surprised that no one has made a Verizon iPhone commercial. The iPhone most likely won't have a major outer shell change in looks, probably a 64 GB SSD or something like that. But it's really not going to have 3.2, I mean the graphics are so detailed, but also so fake. Apple should give kudos to them. They put so much effort into that for nothing really! I mean, when the fourth-generation iPhone debuts people are so going to forget about this.

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  • I agree with BJ! Not perfect like all the other apple commercials. color scheme does not match either… but dammit…. DO WANT

  • I don't know, I think it is different as apple seems to like the white background (I don't see many gradients I could be missing some though).

    I almost think the gradient could very well be just to bring out the design and coloration of the iPhone's body.

    Also, when I compare it to the Macbook Air commercial, it seems very similar, the Macbook Air is brought in inside an envelope to show it's thinness, the new iPhone is shown rotating to show its different features quickly while showing its new design. It then rests on an open app (like the open lid of the Air) to show one of its true attractions.

    So I don't think it is too different in the message or coloration. Or enough to convince me it isn't Apple's commercial.. I have no idea about the text. It looks fine to me but I could be wrong.

    Don't get me wrong, I have my doubts as well. I mean, how could a commercial get released this early from a company so tight lipped as Apple? But I don't think these reasons justify that Apple didn't make this.

  • Asif

    This is clearly fake. The fact of the matter is Apple is incredibly guarded about their commercials and they don't even leak specs out to their hardware manufacturers, let alone the whole phone to a PR firm, who then crafts an ad and accidentally leaks it. This is just some guys with too much time to think about a cell phone, who made an ad just for this type of coverage. Its not real. This is far too early for Apple to even finalize specs, let alone have advertisements.

  • irfaanfr

    I don't like the curvy shape…

  • RF

    I must agree with BJ. This is not Apple’s style. The spinning phones are too cluttered, apple would show something simpler.
    Plus, the shape of the phone is just not something that apple would do, none of their products looks like that, the edges are too sharp.
    Rumors always seem to go around before the new iPhone releases that show pictures of phones with those kind of modern looks, but apple is always in between, never unappealing, but never way out there with razor sharp edges.
    Also the text at the end. The sloppy spacing between the “T” and the “h” is not something apple would just miss, they must look over those commercials a hundred times, Steve is a perfectionist.

  • kjmawdsley

    This aint an Apple ad! Far too messy – agree with everything BJ said. Apple wouldn’t put that many phones on the screen at the same time either.

  • Don't know if its fake or real but it the phone does look sexy.

  • Ricky

    i agree with BJ although it would take some time to create an ad like this! i like it :)

  • Looks awesome! Wish they were real.. wish iPhone HD comes and more importantly, I wish I could own a unit of iPhone HD :D

  • Erich

    Here's the thing, in every apple commercial, they're holding a real iphone. In this commercial, it's clearly a CGI.

    I call fake. But very impressive nonetheless. Especially highlighting video conferencing at the end of the commercial really has me saying hmmmm…

    Possibly they wanted to change from the "there's an app for that campaign" and offer a hands-free display of the new iPhone design? I'm not totally convinced either way.

  • Sean

    At least the last two iPhone ads were about having the iphone locked up in high security I would imagine they would stick with this same plan for the HD.

  • shia laboeuf

    you guys are morons if you think its real