Apple Approves Google Voice App in the App Store

GV Connect - iPhoneWhen Google Voice was first launched, it was a huge hit among users. It was the perfect service for those who wanted to manage several numbers and wanted advanced features like online voicemail, transcription and call routing, screening and blocking.

The excitement reached a whole new level when Google Voice apps became available for the iPhone and Android devices. However, Apple soon pulled them off the App Store for duplicating the native features of the iPhone. Many iPhone users were angry at first and a few even shifted to the Android platform.

Now, though, it seems that Apple has started allowing Google Voice apps in the App Store again.

GV Connect is the first Google Voice app which has been approved by the App Store gatekeepers. It is a $2.99 app which provides support for calls, SMS and voicemail features via Google Voice.

Even the GV Mobile app will probably be approved soon.

Check out the official GV Connect website for more details.

Source: TechCrunch

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