Iphone clone- sciphone


Recently there have been a bunch of mobile companies coming with the Iphone clone, most of them Chinese. What caught my attention today, Sciphone i68+. It has all basic feature of Iphone. Touchscreen, similar display, JAVA et cetra.

And guess what, It has its own official forum too. Most appealing feature of this Iphone clone is users can actually upgrade the firmware, Just like anyother branded phones; Nokia, Iphone, sony ericsson. So you can enhance the features with the upgrades.

It comes in three version so far:

V1: Normal crappy, which tried to duplicate Iphone with nothing much to offer.

V2: Dunno the addtion of features in this version, though it got heard everywhere with this version.

V3: This version comes with movable Icons like in Iphone.

V4: Will they bring 3G in V4?


PS: Visit their official forums to get the sciphone from authorized dealers. Yes AUTHORIZED DEALERS! but beware its a clone after all

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