The iPhone App Store Now Has 300,000 Apps. Or Does it?

It looks like Apple’s iPhone App Store may have crossed yet another milestone. Mobclix, a mobile app analytics company, is reporting the App Store now has 206828 paid apps and 94147 free apps which comes to a total of 300,975 apps, well above the 300,000 milestone.

iPhone App Store

The iPhone App Store reached the 250,000 app milestone on August 28th, which was confirmed by Apple a few days later. This means that if Mobclix’s data is correct, the App Store has been adding about 1000 apps every day since then. Another analytics company, 148Apps is still reporting a total of only 277,807 apps yet, well below the number reported by Mobclix.

There is no official way to confirm which is true, but if the number has indeed been reached, expect Apple to issue a release soon.

By the way, whatever the number may be, the App Store is eons ahead of the Android Market, its closest competitor, which now sports close to 125,000 apps. Without a better app discovery method though, I’m not sure that these numbers mean much.

via TNW and Mobclix

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