The New Budget iPhone Might be Called the iPhone 5C

The rumor mills have been churning about the budget iPhone for a long time. However, the flurry of recent leaks suggests that something is definitely cooking. Apple has been put under pressure by the massive popularity of budget smartphones from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG. The Cupertino based giant is widely expected to finally relent to market pressure and release a cheaper iPhone later this year.


The new budget iPhone is expected to forgo expensive glass and aluminum body in favor of a cheaper poly-carbonate shell. A couple of days back, a blurry-cam pic of the purported budget iPhone with its FCC id was leaked. Now, a new snap from a Chinese blog suggests that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5C.


All of the boxes in the picture above are pristine white and only have Apple’s logo besides the name of the phone. This fits in with Apple’s simplistic design ethos. In fact, they look quite similar to the 4rth generation iPod Touch boxes. However, the overly glossy surface that looks anything but elegant, and the slightly large dimensions (7-8 inches thick) raise doubts. Take this news with a generous serving of salt. We’ll surely learn more in the coming days and weeks through the inevitable leaks.

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