iPhone 4G Leaked Photos [Fakes]

Earlier this week, we told you that Apple was working on the 4th generation of iPhone which will include multitasking, codenamed iPhone 4G. Now, a Chinese website has come up with a set of leaked photos for the 4G, which is 100% fake.

From the looks of it, the pictures have everything including the iPhone 4G box, however, it the iPhone in the pictures are definitely photoshopped. There are couple of things problematic here.

First of all, Apple never prints the device number on the packaging and secondly, who would want to photograph the most anticipated Apple device in such a background? All the images in the post are heavily photoshopped for sure.

Most likely, this is just about building an hype towards the device before it’s imminent launch, didn’t we get so many fake images floating around earlier?

Nevertheless, here are some of the pictures which the Chinese site posted, don’t trust your eyes on it though.




Hit the Chinese site for the rest of the images. Thanks @vaibhakanwal and @binoyxavier.

15 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Leaked Photos [Fakes]”

  1. That looks like an iPad.
    Look at the 2nd image. The cloth covers the name, except the last letter (d!) . Doesn't iPhone 4G end with 'G' ?

      1. That would be the lid – you are seeing 'ip' but upside down as the lid itself is upside down (look at apple logo on the right hand side).

      1. you dont get my point, are you joking me? if you were to turn the box correct side up then what you are seeing as d! now, would then read iP which is the first two letters of iPhone. its not rocket science.

  2. This may be a fake, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a 4G iPhone replica out for sale even before the actual iPhone 4G gets launched :P

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