iPhone 4 Will Be Available For New O2 Customers in August


Apple’s iPhone 4 is not yet officially launched and we have already spotted people camping outside the Apple Store for the new iPhone 4. AT&T had to stop taking pre-orders as the supply exceeded demand with 600,000 iPhone 4’s being pre-ordered on the first day itself. Though the experience hasn’t been very magical for the US customers, the situation is not very hunky dory for the UK customers either.

Earlier the Apple store UK had to extend the Shipping date to 2’nd   July. Now we hear there are some flutters before the UK customers actually get to experience iPhone 4.

O2, a major British mobile carrier, in a public statement has mentioned that existing O2 customers will have to wait until late summer before they get their hands on iPhone 4. If you are a new customer you will have to wait until August. This arrangement had to be made due to product constraints. So it looks like the carrier is giving first preference to its existing customers.

Will Apple be able to keep up the pace for iPhone 4’s demand and create a history again?

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Apurva Chaudhary

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