iPhone 4 Tops Flickr’s Camera Popularity Charts

Six months back, Apple 3G topped the best camera device on Flickr and iPhone 4 slowly picked up it’s pace. Now, a year after iPhone 4 was released and Apple CEO Steve Jobs (at WDDC 2011), pointing out at that iPhone 4 was the second most popular camera on Flickr, has now topped Flickr’s camera popularity charts and is rated as the most popular camera in the Flickr Community.

According to the data released by Flickr, iPhone 4 is currently at the top of the list which overtook Nikon D90. It is followed by Canon cameras that are dropped down to third, fourth and fifth spots.

Most Popular Cameras on Flickr

It’s not just that. The iPhone 4 tops the “Popular Cameraphones” category surpassing Apple iPhone 3G.

Popular Cameraphones

The number of iPhone 4 usage has drastically increased over the year. iPhone 4 has been ranked 1 out the other 4 devices – iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad 2

The reason fact being that the iPhone 4 is at the top of the list is that Apple’s iOS offers web connectivity and brilliant photography apps. It is also that smartphones are social network friendly and its easier to capture and share photos as we carry it along everywhere we go.

1001 Noisy Cameras argues with the facts that the high ranking of the iPhone is more of a testament, the number of mobile phones and the probability of people having the phone rather than the success and popularity of the iPhone.

  • Every year there is exactly one new iPhone model released
  • For the fourth fiscal quarter of 2010, Apple sold 14 million iPhones (that’s 14 million iPhones in 3 months)
  • In two quarters (half a year), Apple sold 30~ million iPhones. If they have two more similar quarters, the total number of iPhones would be half of the total number of digital cameras produced/shipped by the digital camera manufacturers in the whole of 2010

Apart from the features offered by iOS, the other reason could be the number of iPhones units sold. From the above stats its clear that even if DSLRs or point-and-shoot cameras had built-in Wifi/3G or were social network friendly, they still cannot stop/overtake the iPhone due to the high volume of iPhones units.

Flickr data suggests that more users are using camera phones to click everyday photographs, slowly abandoning the point-and-shoot cameras. However, Flickr’s indication of the popularity phones are accurate to the extent that they can only detect the camera that is used to take the photo or shoot the video and not the timeline marked with dates.

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