iPhone 4 Soft-Unlocked – First Unlocked iPhone 4 Images

Here is some good news for all of you who have been waiting for a unlock for . A Canadian Dev Team user has been able to software unlock the 4 and has posted pictures online showing off the software unlock.

A soft-unlock is a quickest and swiftest way to unlock an iPhone and can be done through software without having to fiddle with the SIM tray or other parts of the phone.

The unlock which was accomplished by @planetbeing from the Dev Team and will give a lot of hope to users who have been patiently waiting for an unlock for the iPhone 4. Here are some of the pictures of the unlocked iPhone 4, videos will be uploaded shortly, once it is done we will add it here. Yesterday, GeoHot said that he will not be working on a jailbreak for iPhone, so this news will definitely cheer a lot of people.

iPhone 4 Soft Unlocked

iPhone 4 Cydia

We will post information about the unlock and availability of the unlock once more details become available, till then you can at-least be happy that a iPhone 4 unlock is on its way.

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