iPhone 4 Jailbroken With Userland Jailbreak

Looks like it did not take much time for the to be jailbroken and the guy behind the Spirit jailbreak for 3.1.3 has successfully been able to run a Userland Jailbreak for on iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 iOS 4 Jailbreak

A recent update from @MuscleNerd, one of the guys behind the Dev team who develop iPhone jailbreaks recently posted a picture which shows a successful Userland Jailbreak on the iPhone 4 by @comex who developed Spirit.

A userland jailbreak exploits the software or firmware on the phone and the exploit can be executed through a web browser by visiting a website, however, these kind of exploits can be patched out using firmware upgrades.

On the other hand normal jailbreaks is usually at boot level and cannot be patched using a firmware upgrade and will require an hardware upgrade, which usually happens in newer versions of the device only.

This would mean that the iPhone 4 jailbreak is just around the corner, however, it might be delayed because of an impending iOS 4.0.1 update coming on Monday to fix the Antennae issue with the newer devices.

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