iPhone 4 Costs $188 To Make, 1.7 Million Units Sold!

Apple’s iPhone 4 might have run into some technical snags but it definitely is one of the hottest selling technology products out there.

In a press release today, Apple announced that it has sold 1.7 Million iPhone 4 units. That is quite a staggering number given that it was launched on June 24th. There are quite a few reports doing rounds that Apple and AT&T were cancelling orders due to the huge demand that could not be catered to.

Apple claim this is the most successful product launch in their history. I think they said the same for the iPad too.

In a separate story, iSuppli.com has posted that each iPhone 4 unit costs $188 to manufacture, this is the production cost of the device that does not factor in the hours and efforts gone into designing the product. So before you curse Apple for the cost of the device, do take a moment to think about the Apple engineers that spent their time on the device.

via Mobile Crunch and Businessweek

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