iPhone 3GS In India, BIG Deal or Raw Deal?

Apple has been vary about India, which is one of the biggest mobile markets in the world with over 500 million subscribers, so vary that they haven’t yet released the 3GS there.

One might wonder why Apple hasn’t done that yet, and decided to release the iPhone 3GS in India with Airtel now,  when it is planning to release the iPhone 4G  or iPhone HD shortly.

Common sense says that, Apple which saw a lukewarm response with the initial iPhone launch in India, would not want to spend time, energy and efforts marketing a device which never really took off, thanks to the high pricing and susceptibility of customers (other than a select few) with a new technology (called touch screen).

That aside, Apple’s main marketing strategy is based in US, and will remain here for almost eternity, as they have got all their success from there, however, the decision to releases a 3GS version or iPhone in India is akin to dumping the leftovers to people who they thought were not good enough to get it in the first place.

Now, the potential in India is such that, Nokia, which is the market leader in mobile handsets, has almost captured it whole handedly by strategizing with devices to fit the market needs, unlike Apple who have always created devices that fit their own needs and not the masses. Don’t even imagine that Apple will change their mindset to fit the needs of people in India or elsewhere, that my friend is impossible.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a Apple slamboy, but the fact that the acceptance of their devices has been so low since 1996 has to have some reason right? Why are only so few people passionate about Apple based devices? Is it because they have a bad product, or is it because they do not appeal to the masses?

I am pretty sure that Apple is pretty happy with what they have, and their profits definitely boost their egos a far bit more than I would have liked, but the fact is that Apple is just too keen to get the unsold stock of the iPhone 3GS and dump it some place where people would get excited about it.

Don’t expect the iPhone 4G to land in India soon, and don’t even expect Apple to start mass producing the iPhone 3GS if they run out of stock. Knowing a little bit about how Apple works, I can definitely say that this will be the case.

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  • How about price? hope it will come less than $300

    • Indian

      In Mumbai, iPhone 3GS 32GB locked to Airtel will cost $1067! This when it is carrier locked and a newer handset is expected on the 22nd of June, 2010.