iPhone 3GS 8GB To Come Soon

Apple quietly plans to launch iPhone 3GS 8GB. From the screenshots shared by Boy Genius , this seems to be legit.


Although its an unconfirmed news, I guess iPhone 3GS 8GB will be priced at $99. As of now, iPhone 8GB is priced at $99, so its a possibility that Apple wants to replace iPhone 8GB with iPhone 3GS 8GB.

When most of the companies are coming up with minimum 16GB models, I don’t see why 8GB still interests Apple. Also, most of the updates from Apple takes up huge space on the phone. Is the 8GB going to satisfy the needs? I highly doubt. But its a better option for people who can’t afford 16GB/32GB iPhone.

Will you buy iPhone 3GS 8GB for $99?

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