iPhone 3G S Coming To India With Ridiculous Price Tag

Proving false the conspiracy theory of already much delayed iPhone 3G S launch in India, it’s all set to launch. Yes you heard it right, Apple is about to launch iPhone 3G S in India this September. Hopefully now, Airtel and Vodafone won’t be the cause of more delay.

It’s annoying that Apple neglected the fastest growing mobile market in the world. But nevertheless, iPhone3G S is being launched on 19th of September.


Though it comes with a bit ridiculous price tag. The 16gb iphone 3G S might cost 36k and the 32 gb model might be 40k. More than that, the old iPhone 16GB might be discontinued. So will iPhone 3G S will burn your pocket with its high price? Would you buy it?

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  • I would have bought if gprs providers thought over of making the GPRS cheaper. 25 bucks a day for using 10-20 MB of GPRS is more ridiculous! They should have cheaper plans like Rs 99/mo for 200 MB or something. It’s easy to buy the iPhone, but what burns a huge hole in your pocket is the GPRS Bill. (Rs 25/day x 30 = Rs 750/month for using about 100 ~ 200 MB)

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  • Can you please cite the source of the information? No matter when the iPhone 3GS launches, it’ll definitely do better than the 3G. Here are some reasons I’ve compiled – http://bit.ly/uzjd2

  • Surendra

    I will definately buy this iphone 3gs for upto 40k. I am going mad waiting for this.

  • Gaurav

    What’s the source? How the ***K can you post something without first giving the source of hte informatoin? If you really want to earn money through ads on this B*** SH** blog, go create one serving P***, rather than playing with people’s emotions.


  • @gaurav We have this information from digital selling retailer croma.

  • Iphone 3G is so packed of features and it really looks cool too. I own one iPhone 3G and i am planning to buy another one for my girlfriend.

  • Bicentennial Man

    40K is a ridiculous price tag indeed once again proving that all Apple products are just overpriced and overhyped toys and nothing more. I have the money but certainly wont buy it.

    Nokia 5800 has the same stuff and its available for 13.5K. You might argue that the user interface and touch response of iPhone is miles ahead but at the end of the day I need functionality and that is where iPhone fails and Nokia 5800 delivers.

    If the 5800 aint doing it for you, then Nokia has the new X6 model which will soon be launched in india for around 28K and that baby has everything the iPhone has and plenty more. Its also got a capacitive touchscreen and it looks gorgeous from the outside too. Its has every damn feature you could ever think of.

    Besides the mammoth price tag, iPhone 3G will probably be locked to Vodafone and Airtel once again. In that case its a no go since there are much better and cheaper plans offered by other service providers which people all over India use.