iPad’s Game List Leaked

PadGadget has spotted some of the iPad games on Apple.com’s iTunes Preview, a Website-based catalog of iTunes store content.

According to PadGadget

We did a quick scan and were able to find several titles clearly marked as HD, a common label developers are now using to indicate an iPad specific version of their app.

HD, however is not a universal title for iPad apps.

Some developers are instead choosing XLto denote their iPad version. This is done to create a universal build so that both the iPhone and iPad versions are contained in a single app.

Some of the games found by Padgadget include :

• Azkend HD

• Flight Control HD

• Grind HD

• HD Recovery

• Labyrinth 2 HD

• NBA Hotshot HD

• Numba HD

• Plants vs. Zombie HD

• Sparkle HD

• Worms HD

• Ammoin HD

Apple has recently started accepting submissions for iPad applications. These applications will be checked and approved by March 27.If approved you might just see the app to be available when the iPad goes on sale on April 3.

Via: Blackweb20

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