iOS5 IPSW Direct Download Links

The much awaited iOS5 update for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G/4G, and iPad 1/2. iDevice owners can download and install the update using the latest version of iTunes (v10.5).


Alternatively, iDevice owners can directly download the update from Apple’s server, and then install it manually using iTunes. iPod Touch 3G owners can download iOS5 from here, while 4th generation iPod Touch owners can download iOS5 from here.

AT&T (GSM) iPhone 4 owners can download iOS5 from here, and Verizon’s iPhone 4 customer should head over to this link. iPhone 3GS owners can download the needed IPSW from here. ┬áiPad 1 and iPad 2(GSM) owners, can download iOS5 from here and here respectively. iPad 2 Wi-Fi and CDMA owners can download the iOS5 IPSW file from here and here. Apple also released iOS 4.4 for the Apple TV 2G which can be downloaded from here.

Before downloading the iOS5 IPSW file, users should make sure that they are on a fast and stable internet connection since each IPSW file is >700MB in size.

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • anon

    what no 3gs phone?!?

    • My bad. Missed it somehow. Updated the post to add the iPhone 3GS IPSW download link.

  • Damien

    Thanks for the links, but where do I put the files so I can update the device? Or do I have to do a Restore?

      • Damien

        Thanks again! This is much faster than doing it through iTunes :)

      • Chris

        I got an error 3002???? any suggestions?

        • jonezbond

          If you get the 3002 error perform a restore instead as my iPhone4 wouldn’t allow a update. Hold down SHIFT and Click RESTORE and then open the ISPW file and perform the restore. Make sure you back up your iPhone first though or you will loose all your settings etc.

          • FarrellD

            thanks for that bud, worked perfect, been looking for that solution for a couple of days now. cheers

  • Dominic Ryles

    Can UK residents download the above? If not, do you have a DD link for UK iPhone 4 users please?

    • QuadQuantum

      I second this! I have a iPhone 4 on a UK network (3) and am not sure which link I should use

  • anon

    The iPhone 4 link points to a file called iPhone3…ipsw and doesn’t work when you restore with itunes…

  • akner

    this is the official ios 5 download right?

  • Qaisar Akram

    the links you provided download some zip file not an ipsw file. Neither there is any ipsw file inside the zip. Tell us please how can we download direct ios 5 ipsw.

    • Just change the rename it to .ipsw insteaad because that is the file turned into a .zip by (I’m guessing because other browsers usually don’t do this) internet explorer

    • Tezza

      On Windows 7 the files download with a .zip extensions. Just rename the files with the correct .IPSW extension and it will work fine.

      Thanks for the direct download links Rajesh.

  • Obake

    The Apple TV link is pointing to an iPhone4 ipsw. I think it should be:,1_4.4_9A334v_Restore.ipsw

  • Rahul Thomare

    No offense, but the link your provided are even slower than the apple servers.

    • NeverEnuf

      I got 10-17MBps in a download manager. Finished each in 1-2min. :-/

  • Andi Anggono

    How abaout 3GS & ipad1? Its OK /work ,because i am from Indonesia

  • Sumith

    I am on Three UK…should I download the AT&T one?

  • yaswanth

    it says its incompatible

  • Wayne

    The iPad 2 download returns an error message stating it is not a compatible firmware. Downloaded it twice with same result.

  • I have checked each IPSW link, and they are fine. If you are getting an error, re-download the file.

  • Wayne

    there are three downloads for the ipad 2. One for wifi, one for gsm and one for cdma. Your link points to one for wifi and I have gsm.

  • saba

    it is zip file,and when i extract it there is no ipsw file,what should i do? help me

  • T.Phuong

    Hi, Thanks for the info, I have downloaded and change the name of zip file to ipsw file, it’s readable by itunes. However I got the error 3002. How should I do pls?

    • Tezza

      Make sure you are using the “Restore” option in iTunes rather than trying to do an upgrade or you will get the 3002 error (at least that was the case with my 3G iPad 2).

  • srikanth

    i got 3002 problem,after that i press restore and it was going for the new download for ios 5 in itunes ,what can i do

  • sean

    i have an iphone 4 but am wondering which one to download? im in Australia and im with tesltra. why is there different files. it makes no sense.

  • Hassanko

    for ipad 2 GSM its says file currupted :S:S:S

  • I have been trying all day over and over, but this made it so fast and easy. The itunes download says “server connection timed out” but this is so easy, and I thank you so much!


    While i update it ….it says ..this firmware is not compatible for ipod 3g..can anybody help me out with dis..!!

  • Meggie

    These downloads are going to take 5 days! What am I supposed to do? Wait that long? And when I try to do it on my iTunes, it shows an error message saying that there was an error while downloading. I’ve tried to download this for over 5 times! Please help!

  • Ryan

    I have a problem too when I tried to update my iPad2 with some .ipsw file with 724MB with this name “iPad2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore”. The error number is #14. I didn’t jailbreak my iPad2 before I tried to update. Any ideas?

  • jude

    Help! (error 3194) help!!!!!! Please! I want IOS 5 in my iTouch 4g so badly!!!

    • jude

      Sometimes its 3002! Help please!!!

  • sherrypha

    hello rajesh, i use ipad 2 3G + wifi . i downloaded ipad2 for wifi but it tell me firmware not compatible