iOS4 Update For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch Coming This Monday? Are You Ready?

Apple will be releasing a free update for 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch this Monday, this will bring a lot of new features to your devices including multi-tasking, so are you ready?

However, before you upgrade, here is what you should know. iOS4 was specifically created with the in mind, and for older devices it is a big battery drain. Here is a tweet one of my friends posted who is using iOS4 GM on an iPod touch.

iOS4 Battery Drain

So, with multitasking and wallpaper support, your older iDevice will drain battery much faster than the iPhone 4, which has a better and newer battery itself.

Again, you can save battery life by turning off Wi-Fi and lowering the brightness of the device, however, with normal usage it will only run for 3 hours or so.


This goes on to show that other than iPhone 4, the earlier iDevices were not created for multi-tasking and iOS4 update will definitely have a huge impact on it. Of course, iOS4 brings a lot of new features, but those features come at a cost, so upgrade only if you are certain about it, because thanks to Apple, there will be no rollback.

Note: Multitasking and Wallpaper support will be enabled by default in iPhone 3GS, however, you can enable it in other devices if you jailbreak iPhone using redsn0w.

23 thoughts on “iOS4 Update For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch Coming This Monday? Are You Ready?”

  1. WTF. In the apple keynote job's said june 21 and its now june 21 and my itunes on two different computers said latest update. p.c. and a mac. Has anyone got it yet???

  2. 2010-06-21: Updated to iOS4, battery 100% usage screen reports 2h 22m usage, and battery meter is now at 19%!!

    This is with no background apps, no wifi, brightness at lowest.

  3. Is there any way to turn off the new features to allow the battery life to be useful? I was fully charged last night, got up and it was drained. (I don't really want ot have to turn off wi-fi) … grrrr

    1. Agreed Lavon, my battery life is shocking now wifi is on permanently – I don't *need* it on permanently, how it worked before was fine – there should be an option to have wifi 'on all the time' or 'off when in sleep mode'. So now I have turn off wifi, then turn it back on in the settings every bloody time. I've gone off my itouch somewhat in the last 24 hours.

      1. my ipod touch battery lost around 20% over 7 hours of sleep mode with wifi, just after i downloaded the update. before i updated, it would sometimes even gain battery overnight. annoying…

  4. I don't believe it,but is their going to be multi-taking on an iPod touch by updating it…Because I have a 2G iPod touch…

  5. What I do not understand, is if the teams of PhD's at apple have designed iOS4 specifically for the new phone with its no doubt improved intelligent power partitioning. What bright spark decided to have iTunes tell me that a new firmware upgrade is available for my device (8Gb ipod Touch). Being so used to this daily routine with windows XP bug fixes, I happily clicked the upgrade button before realising the horrible mistake I had just made. Now I get none of the new features with all of the bugs. This smells a little of Toyota style 'development-by-running-around'. Still, at least no-one died. Two lessons learned, 1. Do not upgrade to OS versions with a 0 after the decimal point. 2. Do not buy an iCar!!!

    1. Same here. Updated my iPod touch 8GB to ios4 and it has become an absolutely unusable thing. I am a Mac user since only five years ago or so, and I was so happy because it is so much better than the other ones, so stable, so clear, never release things without proper test…. or is it? <– My Time Capsule died without advise with all my backups inside, I upgraded to Snow Leopard and my bluetooth dissappeared and my wifi connections are impossible to use; I upgrade my iPod touch to ios4 and becomes a pile of crap….. Are Apple guys starting to do rubbish?

  6. So… iOS4 is a no no?

    I was about to download it for my 3rd gen and now I'm having second thoughts…

    Lemme get this straight, there is NO MULTITASKING for the iPod Touch right?

      1. Well I have an 8 gig, so multitasking is a possibility. I'll probably just wait for Apple to release a more plausible update for the sake of my battery life…

  7. Yes, there is s definite battery issue with 3GS after iOS4 upgrade. I have a very stable daily routine with my phone and know what to expect for battery life. Pre-iOS4, I could go the whole day and still have over 40% left at the end of the day before charging overnight. After iOS4 upgrade, I get home from work and already below 40%. If I use it during the evening, will usually have to charge it some more before the end of the night.

    There is definitely some power mgmt issue now…

  8. I'm confused, i thought the "multi-tasking" was not true multi-tasking…it is simply a "stand-by" feature and is not running the application in the background.

    Is that true?

    If that is the case, why would "multi-tasking" with iOS4 on a 3gs impact any battery performance?

    1. @rick – Multitasking is true multitasking for apps that support them, for example the twitter app will continue to fetch updates in the background, pandora app will continue to play music while you read emails and so on.

      It really depends on the app you are using and whether or not it supports multitasking. Apps that do not support MT will just sit there and do nothing.

      1. hi guys!!

        i am an Indian . i wan buy iphone 4g. I have a friend in usa. he is coming in india after 3 how much i have 2 pay for 16 gb? at& t's is not in india and hence no voice or data plans applicable.


  9. I initially found that my Ipod Touch 2G was also suffering from excessive battery drain on iOS4 but since I turned Airplane Mode on it has been just as good as it always was. Give it a try.

  10. I just got the 3Gs upgrade and now the wallpaper stays on even when I am scrolling my apps. How can I just have it on at the first opening of the slide bar?

    Very irritating. Can some one tell me how to remove from being on under the apps?


    1. It's part of the update, supposed to be a good thing. You could just choose a plainer background if it's that irritating.

    2. Take a picture with your finger over the lens…use this black image as your wallpaper…black background back on your apps…other wallpaper is still on your welcome screen…it was annoying to me also.

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