iOS Game Center Hacked Through Cydia App HackCenter

iOS Game Center Hacked Through Cydia App HackCenter

iOS Game CenterWhen   came out, one of the most interesting things to be introduced was the Game Center. Game Center provided game developers with a centralized way to track scores and show top scorers for any game that integrated with it.

Now, each and every user who plays games on their or would definitely want to be on the top of the list so that they can brag about it to their friends. However, that required users to be exceptionally well at games they played.

Now, you can put all those efforts aside thanks to a new app in Cydia store called Hack Center. This new app allows users to submit any score to the Game Center. So you can easily beat anyone at the top of the league with this app and then brag about it to everyone.

iOS Game Center Leaderboard

This app will only work on jailbroken iPhone which has the Cydia app installed. Considering the number of jailbroken iPhone’s out there, it will now be really hard to trust all those Game Center top scorer listings any more. You can watch a video of the HackCenter app in action below (courtesy 9to5Mac). Click here if you can’t watch the video.

Would you prefer to cheat your way and add a fake score using HackCenter? Would you be able to trust the Game Center score boards anymore? Do let me know through your comments.

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  • Pat

    I really don’t see the point. I understand it’s a fun little hack, but I can imagine people who take iPhone gaming seriously (rolls eyes) would get upset about this.

    Nice post.

  • Wow I had no idea that this existed. I like the other method where cheating involves modifying variables within the game to achieve a desired outcome. like in this video I created.

  • IWantMyBird

    Yeah I’m kind of bothered by it, because I didn’t know there was a hack out there for it and I’ve played my way legitimately into the top 100 Angry Birds players out of 3M. Now I don’t know who in front of me is legit and who is not. Especially as I’m being bumped back.

    One of the players at the top of World 1 has a score that could not be possible. If I could match just his/her World 1 score I would jump to number 1 in the world for Total Score in all worlds for the version I’m playing. That sucks!

  • I’m REALLY bothered by this… I play my ass off trying to get great scores in GameCenter… but then these people come along and ‘hack’ the leaderboards just so they can brag to their friends…??? Why? It’s not like they’re REALLY getting scores that high, or times that fast!! It’s ridiculous!! Doing this is just going to make GC a waste of time!!

  • Jules Leroux

    Plz tell me how, I wont go crazy, how do u get that I’ve been looking for a long while

  • Nice! I got this on my jailbroken Iphone and it works great! but some ppl abuse it by submitting scores like 9999999999… lol! you know that’s a hack! awsome work by the way… :) but this has made gamecenter an uncompetitive score board at the moment… as much fun as this is, I hope they try to fix it… ;)

    • j snider

      what is the sorce for this

  • Awesome advisor

    Even though this may be all fun apple can actually shut ur iPod down so don’t do it mindless bitches

  • Technoboy

    This is very unsettling. I am making a game where leaderboards are a major feature and wanted to research ways people might try to hack my system so that I can make my game bulletproof. THIS, however, I can’t do anything about. I hope Apple will kick some ass on my behalf when it comes to leaderboard cheats.