iOS Developers Team Up to Fight Lodsys and Other Patent Trolls

Lodsys is probably the most hated patent troll right now. It started suing iOS app developers for implementing in-app purchasing in their apps, alleging patent infringement. The patent in question was actually handed to Lodsys by Intellectual Ventures, the greatest patent troll known to mankind.

Apple had actually licensed the patent from Intellectual Ventures, but Lodsys claimed that it didn’t cover the app developers, and that they should have to license it themselves. Apple has been trying to defend iOS developers, but there doesn’t seem to be any resolution in sight.

Recently, Lodsys also started going after independent Android developers, as well as biggies like EA, Rovio and Atari, slapping them with lawsuits.

Today, Mike Lee, an iOS developer announced the Appsterdam Legal Defense Team. He aims to rally all the affected indie developers together, and join forces to to fight off Lodsys and other patent trolls as one.

“We will let the patent trolls know: if you attack one indie, you attack all indies, and we will file every motion we can against you, we will attack your patents, and we will show you for the mafioso thugs you are.”

They will also be starting the Appsterdam Legal Defense Fund to accept contributions to fund the legal proceedings.

Most indie developers don’t have the resources to fight off trolls like Lodsys on their own, but if they all come together, they have a good chance of getting the frivolous lawsuits against them dismissed.

“Legal action will be the start of our three-pronged attack. Next we’ll take the fight to Washington, raising a wall of legislation against future attacks. Imagine a law that allows small software companies to opt out of the patent system.

We will also mobilize the many talented designers and evangelists in our community to launch a massive media marketing campaign to let the public know that small businesses, jobs, and the economy are being threatened by parasites.”

Via: ArsTechnica

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