iOS 4.0.1 May be Released on Monday to Fix Antennae Issue

It has hardly been a week since the Apple iPhone 4 has been launched, and already numerous problems have cropped up with the phone. The biggest problem with the iPhone 4 is that it loses network coverage if you areApple iPhone 4 holding the phone in your hand in a certain way. When the iPhone 4 owners complained about this issue, Steve Jobs told that this problem is occurring because people have been holding the phone in the wrong way.

This is not the first time the iPhone is being criticized for its poor network reception. Now after numerous complaints, Apple has been working hard to fix this matter. The company will be releasing a small software update to fix this network reception issue. The iOS 4.0.1 software fix is expected to be released to the public as early as Monday of the coming week.

The software fix will address an issue in iOS4 related to radio frequency calibration. Apple still has not confirmed this piece of information, so we should take this news with a pinch of salt.


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