Inventor of the Cell Phone Ditched iPhone for Motorola DROID

Inventor of the Cell Phone Ditched iPhone for Motorola DROID


Martin Cooper, who is the inventor of Cell Phones and has also filled a  patent on radio telephone system, has ditched his iPhone for the Motorola DROID. In fact, he gave his iPhone to his grandson and is very satisfied with the performance of the DROID. Here’s what he said:

Depends when you ask me. I always have the latest cell phone, and I try every cell phone out, only because people like you keep asking me. Right now I’m using the Droid, because I want to get some experience with the Android operating system, and I, so far, have some favorable results.

Here’s the video:


Do you think Android is the new craze like iPhone ruled for last 2-3 years?

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  • Droid is really better than the iPhone.. I have checked out a lot of cell phones with Android OS.. It's really nice.. I don't like the iPhone.. But the new Windows OS looks very exciting to me..

    • True. I am waiting for LG to launch the first ever WP7 device. WP7 looks promising in almost every department.

      • matt

        LG doesn't have the first Win7 device. HP is about to release theirs in a week or 2 under a first release partnership with MS.

  • KiLLuMiNaTii

    the motorola droid is the best cell phone on the market right now. the iphone is overrated garbage.