Android Ported to iPhone 3G

ports have been available for a vast majority of Android based devices in the past, however, here is a killer port which you can install on your… 3G.

Android on iPhone

Just like a computer, which can be formatted and used to install any OS of your choice, today’s smartphone also match them with the same capabilities. However, thanks to the phone manufacturers it is not as easy to install a different OS than what your phone came with.

However, there are several developers who work hard enough to provide users with an opportunity to try out an OS which was not designed for the phone but will work out pretty well.

Apple’s iPhone has been one of the elusive devices which could not achieve this feat, but rest assured it is possible now and users can install an Android OS on their iPhone 3G now.

Interested? Well, PC World has a very detailed instructions set which according to them is not for the faint hearted. So if you are ready to make the Android jump on your iPhone, head over to PC World and learn how to Install Android on Your iPhone.

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