Instagram Is Coming To Android “Very Soon”; Will Be Better Than The iOS Version

Instagram is the most popular social networking image sharing service for iPhone users out there. The app allows users to add some wonky effects to their pictures after snapping them, and then uploads them for other Instagram users to enjoy. While there are thousands of similar services for Android like Picplz etc, the lack of an Instagram client for the open OS has always been a huge issue for many iPhone to Android converts.

While Instagram did talk about an Android version of their app quite a few months ago on their blog, the company has since then been quite mum about the app. Today at SXSW, the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, stated that the official Instragram app for Android is coming “very soon”. Surprisingly, they also mentioned that the app would be in some ways better than the iOS version. Considering how Android developers bitch about OS and hardware fragmentation issues, it is a surprise that the developers of Instagram are instead promising a better app than the iOS version.

Sadly, Systrom and Krieger did not mention a concrete date as to when the app will be released, except that it’s coming “very soon”. Well, until the Instagram apps lands on the Android Market, I will try my best to find out the why people are fascinated with an app that apply color filters on their pics and uploads them, when there are thousands of other similar service.

Via – The Verge

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