Ice Cream Sandwich Gains Double Digit Market Share With Jelly Bean Around The Corner

While Android as an OS is growing at a phenomenal rate, what is disappointing to see is how many devices are running the latest version of the OS. Google announced and released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich last year in late-December. Since then, the Ice Cream Sandwich adoption rate among third-party Android makers has been down right disappointing.

Google has once again released updated data on the distribution of the Android versions, and Ice Cream Sandwich stands at a miserable 10.9% overall. Gingerbread still takes the majority of the share with nearly 64% of the devices still running it. Sadly, there are also nearly 22$ devices that are still running on pre-Gingerbread Android versions, like FroYo, Eclair and Donut.

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean hitting AOSP sometime in mid-July, the Android update scene is going to get worse. Don’t expect Android 4.1 to land on any Android device before late-September or early-October. Readers should also keep in mind that Gingerbread will continue to have a major share in Android’s distribution because nearly all the low-end phones being sold in developing markets come with Gingerbread pre-installed, and are not capable of running Ice Cream Sandwich.

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