IBM to Start Developing Mobile Apps Soon

Mobile applications are on a constant rise and so is the development of various mobile platforms. This development has allowed many mobile Operating Systems to reach a stable state, so that enterprise companies like IBM start considering them as a development platform for their business.

With this insight, IBM has announced that it will start developing mobile apps soon and has already the taken the first step in this process by developing an app for the iPhone. Mail Triage is an app developed by IBM which manages Email on the iPhone OS and IBM has many cool apps in store for Google Android too.

This announcement was made at unveiling of a new software lab at  Massachusetts. This new facility will cater solely to mobile app development and a considerable part of this app development will be related to social networking. IBM has already developed apps for Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone and the iPad. However, once it gets into the mainstream business, it will face tough competition from small scale developers who connect to their users in a better way.

An enterprise solution adds that feeling of receiving a good support and continuous updates and development though; it also includes a certain amount of red tape associated with approaching out to them.  Let us see what changes IBM brings about in this rich mobile app territory.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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