iBluetooth 2.0 App Soon To Support 3.xx Firmware


Oh, so finally the author of iBluetooth, an iPhone application that allows you to send files over Bluetooth, has mentioned that next version will soon support firmware 3.xx. So you can send files from your iPhone 3GS, iPods (of course jailbroken) using iBluetooth. A feature that according to me, Apple should have already integrated.

The author writes:

This post is to inform you that I’m still working on the new version of iBluetooth (no, not the run away with the money ). As mentioned previously, the new version (2.0) is compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 2G and firmware 3.x. I had to suspend its work this summer because of personal problems, but I’m back at work again to release the new version as soon as possible as it becomes usable (and will be updated to make it as stable as possible). Thanks for your patience.

This surely is good news for iPhone/iPod users.  Its serious PITA to have Bluetooth and not able to send files over it. Recently Droid campaign has been targeting the iPhone on what an iPhone cannot do but the Droid does. And boi, its leaving its impact already. It would be good to see the iPhone to have some basic features in future. All hail the developers until then.

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