HTC Touch2 Weather And MP3 Ringtone Settings Updated

Recently, Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation delivered two new updates  for its popular handset, HTC Touch2. This update for the HTC Touch2 allows you to get the weather update automatically, on the basis of your current location. The second update allows you to use any MP3 file as your ringtone.

htc touch2

According To HTC Corporation,
“This update for HTC Touch2 allows us to bring you updates wherever your location, so you know the relevant weather information for where you are, no matter if you are on a 3G or a 2G network. The second update for HTC Touch2 allows you to set any MP3 file as ringtones for incoming calls.”

This update is suitable for ROM versions less than or equal to 1.33.XXX.X. It is advised to backup all your data before updating your device.  Both the updates are available for download on HTC’s support website.

For Weather update, click here.

For MP3 Ringtone Setting update, click here.

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