HTC Touch Pro3 Coming To Europe in Q3? [Rumors]

Windows Phone 7 will not be launched until late this year, however, there are rumors that the HTC Touch Pro3 may make its debut in Europe in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

HTC Touch Pro3

According to a post on XDA, there are indications that HTC Touch Pro3 will launch in the 3rd quarter of 2010 in Europe, this will definitely mean that the device will not be running Windows Phone 7 and may instead be loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5.

The rumors come from a XDA forum member who knows the main distributor of HTC Europe and claims that he received the HTC Touch Pro2 4 months before it made it to the market.

Just had a dinner with a friend of mine who is the main distributor for HTC in Europe, and he informed that they will receive the first shipment of Touch Pro3’s this summer and they will be on sale in Europe third quarter of this year.

The forum user also added that the device will be smaller and slimmer than the earlier versions of the Touch Pro. Considering that Windows Mobile phones are not doing that well, it will be interesting to see if HTC does launch the Touch Pro3 before Windows Phone 7 makes it debut.

However, the Pro3 might definitely get a Windows Phone 7 upgrade in the future even if it is released before it, considering that it is the future on mobile computing for Windows based phones.

The release date is mere speculation right now and Touch Pro3 might actually come out with Windows Phone 7, let’s hope for some official confirmation from HTC on that.

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  • Stephen Quirk

    I don't think anyone will want a phone that runs the older Windows Mobile 6.x operating system. Now that Microsoft announced that it will be superseded, it really makes today's Windows Phones undesirable. As the article says, Windows Phones are not doing so well. Everyone wants either a phone that runs Google's Android system, or an iPhone.

    • Kingpinda

      No you might think that.. And then again I think there are alot of people who in fact do. Myself included. WP7 will be a good step forward for the casual community based people. Including many young adults. WM6.5 however will be more applicable for those who want to use their phone on a more proffesional level.

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  • Kingpinda

    I'm looking forward to the HTC touch pro 3. And actually I wouldnt mind having it loaded with WM 6.5 instead of WP 7. Why? Having watched microsofts latest WM promotion video's, this OS is primarily being developed for the "young" generation. The bloggers, facebookers, tweeters and what not. Enveloping all these community based applications plus games music and what not in hubs and tiles.

    I see the Touch pro 3 more as a bussiness model and therefore would be glad to have it feature WM 6.5. Also WP7 will only allow installs being made from the windows market.

    • Jon

      I'm a teen and I prefer winmo 6.5 to what I have seen about Windows Phone 7 Series, one reason i prefered Winmo 6.5 is the fact that I could develop an application and test it on a physical device without putting it in the windows market :)

  • Nick

    I am a young person, and windows phone 7 has no appeal for me – I got my Touch Diamond with WM6.1 because I wanted a smart phone that could do everything, with ease. I can visit freeware PPC and download whatever, for nothing – I won't be able to that with WP7 – And, lets face it, before Windows mobile was a business users phone, if "young people" wanted to have a phone for games, they would get an IPhone. WP7 will directly compete with the iPhone, only its three versions behind – No, I think this is a bad move for Microsoft.

    Which is why I will make sure I get my next phone well before WP7 comes out, and run with it for years.

    At least until the android has a decent number of free apps anyway.

  • Alan

    I want a HTC touch pro 3 bad! If its got the stylus pen, slide out qwerty keyboard, and strickly a business phone, not for emails and other online communities it will be a great device. Who doesn't need a pda that you can use as your personal planner/organizer it would be a great phone if htc does it correctly. Can't wait for it to come out definately will be buying one sprint will make it happen and it will be even better and worth buying or upgrading from the touch pro2. It will come out everyone we need to keep htc posted and sprint, email them and tell them I been doing it for 6months now.