HTC To Not Bundle Beats Headphones With Its Phones In The Future

Last year, HTC announced its partnership with Beats, and stated that from now on it handsets will come with Beats audio technology inbuilt. A part of this deal also included Beats branded headphones or earphones being bundled in premium HTC handsets like the Sensation XE and XL.

However, HTC has indicated to the folks over at CNET that from now on the Taiwanese handset maker will not be bundling Beats branded headphones with its handsets. This decision should not come as a surprise since Beats and Monster, the company which manufacturers the Beats branded earphones and headphones, recently parted ways.

Quality music has been playing a very important part in recent handsets from HTC, with its One series of handsets coming with an ‘authentic sound’. Sadly, the sound quality of these Beats branded handsets from HTC is not that good as the marketing will lead you to believe. Instead of using a capable music chip in their handsets, HTC uses some SQ and EQ enhancements to achieve a simple ‘Bass Boost’ effect when the user enables the Beats audio effect in his handset. Some previous gen phones like the Galaxy S, Nexus S and even the Galaxy Nexus have a better sound quality than the Beats branded handsets from HTC.

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