HTC T8788 Features A Slide-Out Speaker!

Over the past couple of weeks, pictures of many of the upcoming WP7 handsets from HTC, Samsung and LG have leaked on the Internet. Today, the HTC T8788 joins the party. The HTC T8788 will feature the brand newHTC T8788 WP7 mobile OS from Microsoft, and will be sold in the US under the AT&T network. The HTC T8788 will be a slide sliding device. However, sliding open the phone won’t reveal the usual QWERTY keyboard; instead it will reveal a speaker! Yes, a speaker! The back of the phone also has a kickstand.

This means that the HTC A8788 will be a multimedia oriented phone. The HTC 8788, which will get a better name soon, will hopefully be launched by the end of this year. As of now, there is no information about the price, availability and the internal specifications of the device.


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