HTC Sensation Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update Rolling Out!

HTC Sensation owners over at XDA forums are reporting that HTC have started rolling out a new software update for their sensational handset – the Sensation.

The new software update bumps up the Android OS version to 2.3.4, and brings some much needed performance improvements and bug-fixes. The update also includes Google Talk with video-chatting capabilities. Users who installed the OTA update, also reported less ‘Sense’ rosie launcher re-loading issue, and improvements in touch ¬†screen ¬†scrolling.

The software update also contains a new HBOOT. This means that post the update, Sensation owners would be able to unlock the boot loader on their handset, once the web-based unlock tool from HTC goes live sometime this month.

Sensation owners, who have already managed to get S-OFF and root using revolutionary, are recommended to stay away from this OTA update. The new version of HBOOT is incompatible with the revolutionary app at the moment. They should wait until developers update the app to support the new HBOOT version.

The OTA update carries the version number 1.45.401, and is currently being rolled out in Europe. Hopefully, HTC will manage to complete the roll-out by the end of August, and release the web-based unlocking tool in time as well.


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  • Varun G

    When its goin to be for India.. waitin for it..

  • Varun G

    When its goin to he released for India.. waitin for it…

  • I’m having the following issue since i’m using the 2.3.4 update HTC has rolled out. When typing in WhatsApp it randomly hides the keyboard and in AngryBirds it randomly goed to the menu when playing. This only happens when either Wifi or Mobile Network is on. With these two switched off there is no problem. Also with an internet connection switched on as mentioned earlier the camera cannot be used normalle. Screen keeps turning on and of when starting the standard camera app. Internet off and it’s back to normal.

    Is there anyone else out there with the new update that experiences these kind of problems?