HTC Runnymede 2 Outed; Boasting ‘Beats’

Well it looks as if the Runnymede 2 will be one of the many devices that HTC will be pushing featuring ‘Beats by Dre’. The partnership, which was announced in the beginning of August, is shaping up to be much more than HTC simply slapping a pair of earphones and ‘Beats’ stickers into a box.While the Runnymede 2 is purported to ship with a set of over-the-ear headphones, it will also be powered by “SRS surround sound with acoustic performance tuned by Beats”. In addition to local storage of 16GB or 32GB, the Runnymede 2 will have access to HTC Listen, which is an on-device digital download store with access to movies and music. According to the leaked documentation, the Runnymede 2 continues the Android tradition of equipping a Qualcomm Snapdragon – clocked at 1.5GHz. A large 4.7″ 800×480 and 1.3 megapixel camera sit on the front of the single-slab aluminum phone.

Pricing for the Runnymede 2 hovers around the regular £499/599 mark for the 16/32GB models, both of which include the iconic Beats Solo headset. Although the Runnymede 2 seems to be a regular phone in HTC’s timeline, the Taiwanese company is taking the initiative and branding the new device with Beats. HTC’s ‘Beats by Dre’ product marketing will hopefully serve as clear differentiator when it comes to selecting an Android-powered phone, which some see to be a serious issue.

Via AndroidGuys