HTC Rhyme Gets a Software Update; No, It’s Not Ice Cream Sandwich!

HTC and Verizon are soon going to start rolling out a new software update for the ladies-droid, the Rhyme. The HTC Rhyme was released around September last year, and is a mid-range Droid targeted mainly towards female Droid lovers. While HTC and Verizon have confirmed that the Rhyme will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, this new software update is a mere bug fixer. The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Rhyme is expected to land sometime in late Q2 or early Q3.

Below is the full change-log of the software update (v2.20.605.3) via Android Police -:

Device Features

  • “ Ringtones” has been replaced with “Edit Home” when the Menu key is pressed on the home screen.
  • Updated signal strength meter to 5 bar Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI).
  • Mobile networks no longer disabled when using Power Saver.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.

Device Dock Features

  • Default applications in Dock Mode have been changed to “Phone” and “Calendar”.
  • In-call volume control has been added to Dock Mode.
  • “All Apps” option has been added to Dock Mode.
  • Resolved issue of dock volume changing to 20%.

Applications & Widgets

  • Device displays available music on the device and provides an option to purchase ringtones from the MOD application when a user is attempting to set a new ringtone through a prepopulated list.
  • Mail shortcut now shows unread mail count.
The update is gradually being rolled out via OTA (Over-The-Air) and is roughly around 68MB in size.  If you have not already got the update, expect the OTA pop-up to hit your phone in the next few days.

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