HTC One X Review: Taming the Beast

Call quality and radio performance

Whether it is about voice calls or pairing with other devices, the One X always has something to offer. This phone has a secondary microphone beside the 3.5mm plug that is used for noise cancellation thereby improving in-call voice clarity. Voice quality on calls is good enough, and mobile connectivity is fairly good too. The One X has good 3G data connectivity and Wi-Fi capabilities. It can handle data connections up to 21.1 Mbps.

Pros: Noise cancellation, good mobile data performance

Cons: Poor signals in some areas

Battery life

Thanks to all the optimizations, the dedicated chip for the camera and the companion core for running background processes, the One X has a respectable battery life. The 1800mA battery is not sufficient for running the powerhouse that the One X is, but it lasts half a day with intermittent Wi-Fi and 3G mobile browsing all day and 3-4 hours of music playback. HD video playback and games are battery hogs, and HD video playback lasts for around four hours before the battery runs out completely.

I faced a weird heating problem with the One X, especially around the camera. This was caused when I left the camera app running in the background, and kept the phone on charge. The problem went away after I rooted the phone, but I never found a solution to it. From what it seems, this is a known issue and HTC released an Android update for this issue.

Pros: Lasts longer than expected

Cons: Battery should have been of a higher capacity

Mods and dev-support [for rooted devices only]


HTC released the source code for the One X kernel on May 6. Developers have always had a soft corner for HTC devices because of their simple architecture and ease of hacking. XDA and MoDaCo are the two pioneer forums for all things Android and both of them have booming HTC One X sections for both the International and the LTE versions.

Currently, I am running the Android Revolution HD ROM with a customized kernel, a custom boot animation, an updated radio from a carrier in China, a Sony display mod, a camera mod and a beats audio mod. You can find all these mods (and more) at the XDA forum.

Pros: Too many

Cons: None

HTC One X: Techie-Buzz Verdict

likeThe flawless design and spectacular looks of the One X tells a story. A lot of hard work has gone behind creating this brilliantly crafted superphone and it shows equally well. While the Galaxy S3 is just another customary flagship phone in Samsung’s Galaxy S series, HTC’s One X represents an overhaul of everything that HTC does. With the One X, HTC wants to change its image and its philosophy. This is something rare and risky for a company in 2012, but HTC is doing it anyway.

HTC One X raises the bar for everyone, gives people new choices in the high-end mobile segment and creates a better mobile market with healthy competition where the consumer has a fair choice at the end of the day. I highly recommend this phone, as it offers an unimaginable Android experience and is one of the best phones to have come out this year.

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