HTC One Uses Nokia’s HAAC Mics — Let The Court Room War Start!

The One from HTC might signify the best of what the Taiwanese OEM has to offer, but the handset keeps getting itself into trouble. First, the handset’s launch was delayed by a couple of weeks all over the world, and now, it looks like HTC is using Nokia’s HAAC’s (High-amplitude mics) on the One. As of now, Nokia has been granted a preliminary injunction against HTC in Netherlands.

It is not entirely’s HTC fault though, as ST Electronics is the company that makes the HAAC mics for both the companies. However, the components were exclusively invented and manufactured for Nokia by ST Electronics, and were not meant to be shared with any other company.


If Nokia does manage to get an injunction, HTC will be forced to look for alternative solutions and might even have to remove the feature altogether from the One.

The full press release from Nokia is pretty aggressive as well, and directly tells HTC to “compete using its own innovations and to stop copying from Nokia.”

Full Press Release below -:

“The Amsterdam District Court has today granted Nokia’s request for a preliminary injunction against the supply to HTC of microphone components invented by and manufactured exclusively for Nokia.

Nokia filed this action after it discovered these components in the HTC One; HTC has no license or authorization from Nokia to use these microphones or the Nokia technologies from which they have been developed.

In its marketing materials, HTC claims that its HDR microphone is a key feature for the HTC One, but it is Nokia technology, developed exclusively for use in Nokia products.

This is one of the latest in a number of cases brought by Nokia to end HTC’s unauthorized use of Nokia’s inventions. More than 40 Nokia patents have been asserted against HTC in Germany, the US and the UK. An injunction against HTC devices in Germany, which were found on March 19 to infringe Nokia’s patent EP 0 673 175, is now in effect. The latest case, on Nokia patent EP 1 579 613 B1 was filed in Mannheim, Germany on April 16.

Once again, Nokia calls on HTC to compete using its own innovations and to stop copying from Nokia.”

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