HTC Mondrian To Run On a 1.3Ghz Snapdragon Processor?

The folks over at xda-developers have been ripping apart a leaked ROM of an upcoming Windows Phone 7 device the HTC Mondrian. What the guys found from the leaked ROM is pretty interesting. In the leaked WP7 ROM, the Qualcomm QSD8650A or B processor is listed, which is basically a Snapdragon processor running at a whooping 1.3 GHz. It was not long ago that mobile CPUs reached the speed of 1 GHz, and now 1.3 GHz!  clip_image001

According to the information available from the ROM, the Mondrian will support both 3G and HSDPA, along with EV-DO. The screen of the HTC Mondrian will measure 4.3inch with a resolution of WVGA (480×800). The device will also have a Qualcomm Wi-Fi adapter, along with an FM radio and a digital compass.

The picture on the right was extracted from the oemavatar.cabfile in the ROM. We are not sure whether it is the picture of the HTC Mondrian itself or a generic WP7 based phone. Hopefully, we will find this out soon enough.


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