HTC Legend, Desire and Wildfire Finally Getting the Android 2.2 Froyo Update

HTC raised a lot of clamor over its Android 2.2 update for phones released in 2010. There were too many controversial official statements to consider. In one statement, HTC remarked that all phones released in 2010 would get the Froyo update whereas, in another, it went on to mention names of specific models and left out some.


This easily made us assume that the Froyo update was would not be available for these models. This included the first HTC phone to get Android 2.1, the HTC Legend.

The news has come on the event of rollout of the Android 2.2 update. The first phone to get this update is obviously the Google Nexus One. The updates for Legend, Desire and Wildfire will all roll out in the third quarter of this year. A thread on the XDA developers’ forum talked of a 2.2 update for HTC Legend a few days ago but it was  discarded as a rumor.

New features will include a brand new virtual machine promising speed improvements, better battery life and an improved web browser. The latest Flash player 10.1 and Adobe Air will also be available to Froyo devices and apps will run 2 to 5 times faster.

The last time I requested an update from HTC on this matter, I received this mail from HTC.

We would inform that we working closely with Google and our partners to ensure we have the earliest access to everything we need to provide a complete and solid sense experience on FROYO. We expect to release all updates in the second half of this year but cannot be more specific yet. We look forward for your kind co-operation.

This comes as good news to all HTC phone owners and assures us that all phones from 2010 will get the Froyo update. However, I did not understand why HTC is being so secretive about these updates and not willing to comment on specific models.

Now that the news is confirmed, you can safely select a phone of your choice  from this list.


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