HTC Launches HTC HD Mini With Windows Mobile 6.5.3

The mini’s are in form. After the success of Nokia N97 mini after Nokia N97 doomed, many other mobile device manufacturers have started bringing in the mini version of their models. Today, at the Mobile World Congress 2010, HTC has launched HTC HD Mini, which is said to be younger and cheaper version of HTC HD2 but with similar experience. The HTC HD Mini is sleek and provides almost similar experience as that of HTC HD2.


HTC HD Mini is powered with Windows mobile 6.5.3 (YES! the OLD crappy windows mobile OS) with HTC Sense. Of course, Windows phone 7 series isn’t coming anytime before the year end, so can’t complain. Apart from that, HTC HD Mini comes with a Capacitive touch screen, 512MB ROM, 384MB RAM, 3.2″ HVGA display, 5MP camera. It also comes with support for 3G connectivity and GPS. This is the second Windows Mobile phone, after HTC HD2, to have a capacitive display.

HTC HD mini will be available to customers across Europe and Asia beginning in April 2010.

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