HTC Incredible S To Get Official Sense 3.0 Update

At the beginning of this month, HTC started rolling out a new software update for the Desire S which brought Sense UI 3.0 to the handset along with bumping the Android version to 2.3.5. This move was appreciated by many Desire S owners, since the company hardly updates the Sense version on their handsets.

Now, it looks like HTC is soon going to  start rolling out a similar software update for the bigger sibling of the Desire S, the Incredible S. Android developer and hacker – PaulOBrien – tweeted that an  official  Sense 3.0 ROM for the Incredible S has surfaced online.

Like the Desire S software update, the software update for the Incredible S will bring with it Sense 3.0, along with its goodies like a 3D launcher, and a widget-izied lock screen. The Android version will also be bumped to 2.3.5, and will also bring Google Talk with video chatting capabilities to the handset.

The download link for the ROM is not yet available now, but its just a matter of days before it makes it way on XDA forums. HTC should also start rolling out the update to all Incredible S owners soon.

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • DInesh

    wil the incredible s get the latest ics version……..HTC din’t mention in the first list :-(

  • spike68

    What sort of time span are we looking at for the incredible s update (UK market)

    • monochrome

      id really love to know when the incredble s is getting the update aswell.-ive been looking online for weeks but no joy so far,i even emailed HTC directly but they gave me the typical vague reply.

      • Wilf

        I have contacted HTC for update details and get the definite feeling that there will not be an official update… I am looking now towards rooting my Incredible and loading up one of the many available ROM’s.

  • John

    Received the Android 2.3.5 and HTC sense 3.0 update for the Incredible S today (UK). May depend on your network provider when you receive it.

  • Priyank Gupta


    Today, i have got the message on my HTC Incredible S for upadte HTC Sense 3.0. After this message i was click on OK button and it downlaoded the updated software,

    Now its installing the software. it has been taken around 2hr, but installation has not been completed.

    Can any one, let know that, how much time will take to update the software.

    Priyank Gupta

    • don

      Where and when did u get the update and what is u r mobile network name …..

  • Shahinur Rahman

    I am not finding it in my incredible s despite of searching many times for software updates.

    my location: Assam, India

  • zoey

    I have yet to receive an update where as others with the same phone have.please tell me another way I can update my phone manually. thanks guys.

  • It’s great that HTC is progressing new software update for Desire S. HTC always comes with soothing new things in the market.

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