HTC Hero Running Android 2.1 (Leaked Pictures)

We had been thinking that Sprint is just playing with our feelings- they had promised an Android 2.0 upgrade to their HTC Hero, but so far it has been a highly disappointing affair. Now, there’s a reason to cheer up a bit; some images of a HTC Hero running Android 2.1 have been caught off guard.

Looks like HTC had been working on a way to port HTC’s sense UI to the Android OS. From the pictures, we can figure out that they have been succeeded. Android 2.1 will be available as a minor update to the Android 2.0 (Eclair) before we even welcome 2010. Check out the leaked pictures below:




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  • clustered

    Beware of HTC's large screen phones.

    Any force applied to them, even taking off a screen protector, is enough to produce "newton rings" and the screen stops responding to touch.

    Not much use for a touch screen phone.

    HTC refuse to cover this by warranty and refuse to negotiate. expect to shell out up to $500 to repair it. With no guarantee that the next screen won't do the same thing.

    Design or Materials fault but they won't cover it by warranty.