HTC HD2 Calendar View Updated

Today, Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation delivered a new update for its most popular handset, HTC HD2. The recent update for this devices is aimed at enhancing the calendar veiw of the device.

htc hd2

According To HTC Corporation,
“This update for HTC HD2 expands the dynamic nature of the Calendar application. Whether your week starts on Monday or Sunday, allowing you to view appointments occurring tomorrow, next week, or even next month.”

This update is applicable to all ROM Version. Calendar View update for HTC HD2 is available for download on HTC’s support website. HTC HD2 users can click here to download the latest update.

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  • coolfx35

    My name is Lorin and I'm an owner of a 2 months old HTC Touch Pro 2 and I'm thinking of getting the HD2 this week or the beginning of the next week.
    I'll keep both phone because i like to have a physical keyboard but i want that huge screen and that speedy processor

    Anyway, i looked on xda and HTCHD2Forum for solutions to all the issues mentioned in reviews and by users and i found everything except one thing.

    In this review ( watch?v=vXV_-BUpLy4 , min 13:30, the embedded video breaks the post), Trent says the speaker quality is really bad when the volume is at the maximum value.

    I want to ask you guys if you have the same experience because this would definitely be a no go for me. I mean, the speakers on the TP2 are just amazing… and i know i can't get that on the HD2 but what i hear in the review is simply bad.