HTC to Offer Free 5 GB Dropbox Storage with Every HTC Android Phone

HTC has finally announced that it will be providing 5 GB of free storage on Dropbox, which is a cloud storage service, to every user of its Android handsets.

Dropbox currently offers 2 GB free storage to users, and charges users for extra storage. HTC has entered an agreement with Dropbox to provide 5 GB total free storage to each of its Android smartphone users. Earlier, it was leaked that the deal will be offered to all users who use an HTC phone with HTC Sense 3.5, starting with the HTC Rhyme. However, HTC tweeted today that it will be providing the service to all HTC Android phones.

@htc: We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with @Dropbox, bringing 5GB of storage to all of our #Android phones.


Apple iPhone users currently have iCloud for remote data storage and syncing, while Windows Phone users have 25 GB storage from Skydrive. However, Android users didn’t have any such option.

If Google does launch its rumored Google Drive service in the near future, I expect it to bundle some free storage with all Android devices.

While this isn’t much compared to what Microsoft offers with Windows Phone, it’s a great start. Hopefully, other Android manufacturers like Samsung will also tie up with Dropbox offering deals like this to users.

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