New Evo-like Mystery HTC Device Coming to Verizon [Pictures]

HTC has been releasing Android handsets at a prolific rate, and they clearly have no intention of slowing down. BoyGeniousReports has managed to procure pictures of a new mystery device from HTC, which is expected to land on Verizon.


The handset looks a lot like the Sprint HTC Evo. Although BGR didn’t mention if it’s an Android or a WP7 device, the button layout suggests that it is not running the latter. The phone sports a 4.3” screen, which seems to be a new standard for high end Android phones, and according to BGR’s source, “makes the Droid 2 look like a kids toy”. There is an 8 megapixel camera, as well as a front facing camera for video chat. Interestingly enough, it even has a kickstand.


The handset obviously has all the hallmarks of becoming a flagship device. Let’s hope that HTC is also planning on releasing it globally. It would be a pity to see such an impressive device being restricted only to the US.

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